Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is VetBooks?

A: VetBooks is a premier provider of back office bookkeeping for the veterinary community. VetBooks provides veterinarians, practice managers and bookkeepers clear insight into the financial health of their practice so they can; make better business decisions in real-time, forecast for investment and growth, and spend more time taking care of their patients.


Q: Do I still need an accountant?

A: The simple answer is yes. Vetbooks is not an accounting firm but our services do organize and streamline your bookkeeping so that it makes your CPA’s job a lot easier and should save you money.


Q: Does VetBooks require special training?

A: VetBooks does not require any training or specialized skills. There are easy to follow step-by-step set up instructions that our On Boarding Team and Client Success Managers will guide you along the way.


Q: Will I still need a bookkeeper?

A: Not all veterinary practices are alike and as such retaining the services of a bookkeeper is at the discretion of the owner of the practice. VetBooks organizes and streamlines the process allowing your existing bookkeeper to tend to other matters of assisting the practice to run smoother.


Q: Do I need special software to run VetBooks?

A: There is no special software required for your practice.


Q: Is VetBooks just like Quick Books, Sage, Peachtree or any other bookkeeping software?

A: No, VetBooks is not software but a service that goes beyond the simple tasks that other record keeping software offer. VetBooks does all the work so your practice can tend to the pets you care for.


Q: Will I still need to keep using my existing bookkeeping software?

A: No. Once VetBooks is up and running you will no longer need your current 3rd party software to run your bookkeeping. We’ll set you up with all the software you need and support you all the way through.


Q: Will I be locked into a contract if I sign up for VetBooks?

A: No, VetBooks does not require contracts to use our services. Our services are billed monthly and there are no penalties for cancelling.


Q: Will I lose any of my historical financial information if I switch over to VetBooks?

A: VetBooks never deletes any of your bookkeeping history. We import as much historical information as necessary to get your practice up and running and you keep all of your historical data.