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Our Business is Your Business

VetBooks provides veterinary owners clear insight into the financial health of their practice so they can:

  • Make better business decisions in “real-time”
  • Forecast for investment and growth
  • Spend more time taking care of their patients
  • Save valuable time and expenses associated with bookkeeping

VetBooks also helps the practices CPA or accounting firm by providing them with a clean set of books that are up to date and accurate.

  • Saves time and unnecessary accounting fees
  • Accountants can spend more time advising on financial matters

Take the worries out of your bookkeeping and have peace of mind knowing you have a professional team on your side.

Expertise In

  • Bookkeeping

  • Software and technology

  • Veterinary Practices


Our mission is to provide veterinary practices with the very best bookkeeping solutions and services to help improve the financial health of a practice so veterinarians can focus on their clients and patients and grow their business.

At VetBooks we understand that veterinarians got into the profession because of an undying love for animals and the desire to give them the best medical care possible. That is why we developed a service that is just for veterinarian practices.

Our business is your business!

Knowing the business side of veterinary practices and how to succeed, you need to have a clear understanding where your practice stands financially so you can make good decisions.

Good decisions help you have peace of mind and get back to what you love, taking care of animals.

Our Work

The VetBooks team works behind the scenes to automate your back office bookkeeping function.

The work is done by trained professionals, done right, in a timely manner. You get accurate monthly financials and never have to worry about training staff.

A comprehensive suite of services & accounting tools that:

  • Simplifies
  • Organizes
  • Produces

all of your accounting needs to run a better business.

We have expertise in three main areas:

  • Accounting – we have tons of CPA’s
  • Software – we are a technology company
  • Animal Health – we have experts in practice management & medicine

We know your business and our focus is only on veterinary practices!